Inspirational Topics

Teresa’s stories of hope and inspirational speaking have delighted audiences across the United States. They make you laugh through the tears as she takes you on a journey from dark despair to joyous celebration.

Teresa tailors her topics to fit your audience. To give you an idea of the possibilities, here are a few examples inspirational topics Teresa brings to your church or community group.

fort-worth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-inspiration1If you’re like most people, you’ve hit times in your life when you become a “human doing” rather than a “human being”. Your everyday routine or stressful circumstances have you trudging through each day. To get beyond this survival mode you need to push forward and find a way to thrive in your life. Teresa will motivate you with her passion and share her story of giving up, only to realize the best rewards were around the corner. By pushing through she has created a successful business and speaking career as she now exemplifies thriving in her life. She tells you how she started to thrive and how you can do the same.
fort-worth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-inspiration2Do you take the little things in life for granted? Most people do. One of the easiest is the simple smile on your face. But what does that smile mean? People smile every day, but underneath they hide anger, fear, and hurt; never showing their pain to the people around them. This topic shares Teresa’s personal story of physical trauma; her struggles with self-esteem when the smile she took for granted was compromised and she could no longer show her true feelings. She will show how not to take anything for granted, and how to make a smile truly have a meaning in this emotional journey.
fort-worth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-inspiration3What if 24 hours stood between you and eternity? How would you act? What would you do differently? Having stared death in the face 3 times in her life, Teresa has had time to reflect on this question. As Teresa takes you through her journey, your audience will be motivated to look at life differently and evaluate their current priorities. They will leave inspired to make a difference while they still can, and cherishing the blessings in their lives.
fort-woth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-inspiration4Does your life have a purpose? We all have a reason for being here, but until you can realize and pursue your individual purpose, true happiness will elude you. Teresa shares her life changing moment when she thought, “I have no purpose in life” only to have her life changed forever 24 hours later, in that exact spot, to serve that purpose. Tears and laughter will abound in this speech. A challenge to live with focus and purposeful determination will prevail.
fort-worth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-inspiration5One: the smallest number and a simple word, but “one” has a profound power when it refers to the human spirit. One person CAN make a difference. We can help one person at a time and solve a seemingly hopeless situation one step at a time. Teresa will share her ability to change lives though her experiences and how it only takes one to be used for greatness. If we all take on this responsibility, the world would be an even more amazing place.
fort-worth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-inspiration6You’ve heard how God will never give you more than you can handle. You’ve been told crisis makes you stronger. The phrases are true, but they don’t always mean a lot when you’re going through the pain. In Life Lessons from God Teresa takes you on a journey and tells you how she was able to learn these valuable lessons. She’ll share how others showed her that she was strong, even when she felt the weakest. After hearing this topic you won’t learn how to find inspiration and motivation in your darkest times.
fort-worth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-inspiration7Have you ever felt as low as you could feel, and everything your loved ones said just made you feel guilty for feeling bad? Have you watched someone you care about get stuck in a depression and it seemed like everything you said just made it worse. Whether you stuck in this spiral of emotional pain, or know someone who is, this topic is for you. As the person in pain you don’t want to hear, “It gets better.” And as the caregiver you don’t understand why someone can’t be grateful for what they have. Teresa takes you through both sides of the equation. She shows you how to walk through your pain, and how to help your loved ones who seem to be stuck there.
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