Business Topics

Teresa’s experiences in the corporate world, as well as those of an entrepreneur, have provided her with a wealth of business skills to share with your organization. From sales to communication to business etiquette, Teresa has solutions for today’s business climate. She speaks from experience and provides real world solutions you can use today.

Teresa tailors her topics to fit your audience. To give you an idea of the possibilities, here are a few examples of the business topics Teresa brings to your corporate event or business organization.

fort-worth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-business1The networking jungle can be a scary and intimidating place. Most of us don’t like making small talk with a room full of total strangers. We do it with a belly full of butterflies and a fear that we won’t get it right. This high energy class will teach how to enter the room with confidence. You’ll learn proper business card etiquette, the correct business attire, how to provide a proper business handshake, how to approach a group of people without feeling intimidated, and more. Take this class and you’ll never worry about those stomach butterflies again!
fort-worth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-busines2Have you ever thought you made the perfect pitch, only to have the sale fall apart? Do you struggle with how to present your business or products in the best light? Precise language while speaking and writing are essential to the success of a business relationship. How clearly you present your product or service; as well as your professional competence will all determine the success of your business meetings. Learn how to be confident, professional, and follow-up with the right words to get the success you deserve!
fort-worth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-business3As someone caring for the needs of another person you want to help, but do you really understand the needs of the person you’re caring for? This class is suited to family members or medical companies providing care for seniors or ailing patients. It will inspire you to know how what you do makes a difference in someone’s life. Having spent years with caregivers to help with her physical challenges, Teresa will speak first hand form the patient’s perspective. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn how to understand the struggles in the life of the patient so you can provide the best care possible.
fort-worth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-business4Marketing is essential for growing or sustaining your client base. But how do you market when money is short, the economy is tight, and your budget refuses to grow? Teresa has owned a successful gift company and has mastered the budget process for getting the most “bang for the buck” in the marketing arena. She will share creative ways to make a lasting impression and teach you ways to increase referrals for free advertising. This information packed session will have you excited to market again!
fort-worth-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-business5Poor business etiquette can destroy a potentially profitable relationship. How you act, what you say, and how you present yourself are all key pieces of your professional presence. You will learn dining tips, email and written communication do’s and dont’s, cold calling techniques, business attire, professional handshakes, and much more. After taking this course you’ll be confident and professional, the keys to winning respect and business in today’s marketplace. This unique class will fill quickly so advanced courses will also be offered.
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