Inspiring & Amazing


I have heard Teresa speak. She kept the audience on the edge of our seats. Her story is inspiring and so amazing that I would like to hear it again and again. Her speaking ability is outstanding, but her message is even more so. If you get an opportunity to invite Teresa to speak I recommend you do it.

Mae Hoover

A Must Hear Speaker


I know Teresa as a very reputable business owner, and also know her personally, and have the highest regard for her professionally! Also, I have experienced her presentation and found it was very motivational, and had a very positive impact on the participants in attendance, myself included. Teresa is one of those “must hear” speakers!

Guy James
Senior V. President, Community Bank

Blessed to Know Her


Teresa is a person of high integrity. She is hands on in her business and can anticipate what her clients need. I have had her speak at some of my speaking engagements with great success and use her currently for my promotional needs. Anyone who uses her will be blessed just to know her.

Lorena Bowles
Mature Advantages

I Always Walk Away a Better Person


Teresa has spoken to several organizations where I am a member and I have never heard her speak that I don’t walk away a better person and determined to be a more committed servant to the people I contact each day. Your response will bounce between laughter and joyful tears as you travel with her for a short while. Enjoy your trip it is a happy journey.

Allan Tidwell
Affinity United Insurance Solutions

Incredibly Inspirational


Teresa is an incredibly inspirational person. I was so moved by her determination and outlook on business and life in general, I asked her to speak to tenants in my shopping center about how she has grown her business and marketing effectiveness. She delivered as I had imagined and every single tenant was also moved by her presentation. She added so much value in the 60 minutes she spoke that every person asked to follow up with her. She does wonders showing the small business person on how to market their business.

Ray Bayat
NetCo Investments, Inc. California

A Breath of Fresh Air


Teresa is a breath of fresh air, and her “can do attitude” is an inspiration to women entrepreneurs & women everywhere! She spoke at our annual Celebrating Women in Business event this year, she captivated the audience with her story of survival, perseverance and passion.

Michelle Martin
Founder, C3 for Women

One of the Best I’ve Ever Heard


Teresa Nelson is one of the best presenters I have ever heard, as a professional speaker. Her expert knowledge and enthusiasm “on steriods” comes from one that has walked the walk, is a doer, and truely loves what she does. Her track record proves it. Tereasa keeps an audience’s attention and they always go out of their way to thank her for sharing her encouraging story of stuggle and success. I would consider myself lucky to have her as the keynote speaker at any event. Teresa, you have been an inspiration to me. Thank you.

Rick Holloway
Speaker & Entrepreneur

Creative Solutions for Business


Teresa Nelson spoke to Tarrant County College’s FastTrac GrowthVenture and New Venture classes about Making Strategic Decisions. Using 10 years of experiences and lessons learned, Teresa shared real-world strategies for growing her own company. Teresa spoke about her leadership role, about her company’s excellent customer service standards, and provided several examples of creative solutions to business situations. It was a pleasure to work with Teresa, who is inspirational, enthusiastic, and down to earth.

Deb Liptak
Small Business Development Center, Counselor, Tarrant County College

Always Leaves Them Wanting More


Not only is Teresa a successful business owner, but she is also an inspiring professional speaker who shares from the heart. Whoever she’s speaking to, she always leaves them wanting more, and she has a way of making you feel like you’re the most important person in the room.

Eloise Wright

If I Know Teresa is Speaking–I’m There


The bottom line is that Teresa is an extraordinary speaker. I have listened to many people talk over the years … be it motivational, educational or for entertainment. Teresa combines all three into an impactful and spirited presentation style that is hers alone. Regardless of the topic, if I know Teresa is speaking at an event, I’m there. The way she can relay her knowledge and share her thoughts is done with such professionalism and personality it sets her high above other speakers. She’s in a league of her own. A true gem!

Sue Monhait
Owner, Basket Thyme

Her Energy Is Contagious


Teresa is a one-of-a-kind, super enthusiastic, powerful presenter. The first time I asked her to present to a group of job seekers, she took over the room, and when she finished, they literally followed her out of the classroom, and out to the parking lot — and the session was not over! Teresa inspires, and she empowers, even while she speaks of major challenges and barriers to success. Her energy is contagious! Her down-home style is real and coupled with her warm sense of humor, it makes her “touchable” and “real.”

I would recommend Teresa Nelson to speak any audience, large or small. She is more than just a motivational speaker for a moment. She has the ability to change their beliefs and their behaviors after the event.

Dave Rawles