Meet Teresa

christian-speaker-teresa-nelsonSince 1995, Teresa Nelson has motivated and captivated audiences across the United States with her humor, passion, and contagious enthusiasm. As an inspirational and business speaker, Teresa’s down-to-earth and no nonsense approach inspires, educates, and empowers you.

Teresa is a visionary with a remarkable ability to connect with her audience, touching your heart and showing you how to see your life with a whole new perspective. When you attend one of her talks, you’ll leave different than when you came in. She challenges you to develop your potential and fight to improve your everyday life by showing you how to find the courage to never give up. Her stories of human determination show you how to overcome the obstacles in your life.

Her strong Christian faith has helped to make Teresa the speaker she is today. She believes the very best in people and is honored to speak to all who will listen; knowing God has given her a platform and a voice to share and teach others.

Teresa’s own story is one of survival. After nearly dying in a car accident and relearning to walk and speak (twice), Teresa overcame insurmountable odds to create a successful company and speaking career. She worked in corporate America before starting her own gourmet food and gift company in 2000.

Her experiences in the corporate world, as well as those of an entrepreneur, have provided her with a wealth of business skills to share with her audience. To date she has received over 15 awards for her contribution and company success.

Teresa has her degree in Economics/Finance and lives in Fort Worth, TX, with her loving husband, Dennis. She is very active in her community, serving on many boards and committees.