About Teresa Nelson Speaks

Original and unique every time, Teresa Nelson is NOT a cookie cutter speaker. She’s the ultimate professional, creating a unique theme or topic to fit your venue.


Why You Need Teresa Nelson as Your Guest Speaker

People are hungry for speakers who give fresh, memorable, motivational, and meaningful content in a humorous and educational format. If you’re searching for a passionate, funny, genuine speaker you’ve found the person for the job!

Teresa Nelson’s inspirational speeches will have you laughing, crying, and standing on your feet. Her business topics will provide pages of valuable, easy-to-apply knowledge.

christian-inspirational-speaker-teresa-nelson-4Teresa’s Inspirational Topics are ideal for:

  • Church Groups
  • Community Groups
  • Community Organizations
  • Any Group Needing Inspiration & Hope

Teresa’s Business Topics are ideal for:

  • Corporate Trainings
  • Entrepreneurial Groups
  • Business Associations
  • Any Group Focused on Business Growth

Educating, Inspiring, & Empowering

Teresa’s presentations inspire you, ignite your dreams, and prepare you for success and happiness in all areas of your life. Her personal story is one of faith, tragedy, determination, and inspiration. This gives her motivational speaking topics a passion unlike any other speaker.

As a Christian speaker she knows her calling is to help others fulfill their life purpose by sharing her personal and professional experiences. Teresa has a natural gift with people. As an inspirational speaker she connects with your audience like few others.

Within minutes of Teresa taking the stage, your audience will be engaged as she relates her life story and shares relatable experiences and lessons she’s learned from her professional life.

Doesn’t your staff or organization deserve a speaker who:

  • Informs
  • Motivates
  • Shares her passion
  • Provides realistic solutions to real problems
  • Gives you down –to-earth answers
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