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Meet Teresa

christian-speaker-teresa-nelsonSince 1995, Teresa Nelson has motivated and captivated audiences across the United States with her humor, passion, and contagious enthusiasm.

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About Teresa Nelson Speaks

Original and unique every time, Teresa Nelson is NOT a cookie cutter speaker. She’s the ultimate professional, creating a unique theme or topic to fit your venue.


Why You Need Teresa Nelson as Your Guest Speaker

People are hungry for speakers who give fresh, memorable, motivational, and meaningful content in a humorous and educational format. If you’re searching for a passionate, funny, genuine speaker you’ve found the person for the job!

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christian-inspirational-speaker-teresa-1Teresa Nelson is a speaker with a wide repertoire of materials suitable for groups of all shapes and sizes.

Because she tailors her speeches to the needs of each individual audience it’s difficult to put her in a specific category, but her topics can usually be broken into two major groups.

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